Discover the power of bacteria and how they can help your crop

Spectacular results and 100% ecological



Nutrients and growth

The cultivation of bacteria that we will provide to the roots of our plants will allow them to absorb a greater and better amount of nutrients than before, despite being in the substrate, they were not able to assimilate.

The bacteria dilute the nutrients making them available to the plant, achieving explosive growth.

Our flagship product


Thanks to its composition of bacillus and bacteria, you will achieve a spectacular growth of your plants. Easy to use, economical, effective and 100% ecological.


The range of preventive and curative products for agrobacteria

Help your plants to strengthen themselves against fungi, pests and diseases that can affect them, getting healthier plants without problems. Our products are completely ecological and safe.

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Why do trees hide the splendor of their roots?

~ "Book of questions" (1974), Pablo Neruda

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