Moisture Retaining Amendment
Guerilla Crop Stimulator

Moisture retaining amendment. Guerilla Crop Stimulator


90% crosslinked polymers of acrylamide and potassium acrylate. 7% inert substrates: Zeolites and sugars. 3% Bactohemp. Minimum absorption capacity in distilled water: 230ml of distilled water/g of product. Bactogel Guerrilla is a mixture of hydro-absorbent polymers with Bactohemp. It will improve the substrate, stimulate its microbial activity, thus increasing its biological fertility and provide excellent water and nutrient retention capacity to make them available to the plant, avoiding their loss through seepage or transpiration.

The end result is plants that are more resistant to drought, larger, more vigorous and much more productive.


Pot: add and mix well one teaspoon of Bactogel Guerrilla for every 10 liters of substrate.

Soil: add and mix well a handful of Bactogel Guerrilla for each plant.

Great if you can't water often

With Bactogel I water and I forget for many days.
The irrigation doses itself!