Water soluble powder product based on bacillus and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the root of the plant. Specially formulated for automatic plants.

Bactomatik is a mixture of Bacteria that live in symbiosis with the roots of plants, providing them with multiple benefits. The families of bacteria contained in Bactomatik have been selected for their ability to stimulate root and plant growth, thus producing in a record time, Larger Autoflowering specimens with Excellent Flower and Resin Production.

COMPOSITION: Paenibacillus azotoformans, Bacillus azotofixans, B. coagulans, B. megaterium, LactobacillusLus acidophilus, B. pumilus y Sacharomyces cerevisiae.

USE: Apply in Irrigation. Dilute the contents of the container (50g) in 20 liters of water or one teaspoon for each liter of water and water, wetting the roots well.

Great for Autos!

Although they have less time, with Bactomatik they grow a lot!